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An introduction to Brian Eno and Oblique Strategies for artists and musicians and entrepreneurs by Grant Sutton Acupuncturist New Orleans
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Here’s One of My Favorite Songs

Here’s one of my favorite songs. It’s by Brian Eno, a man I have loved for many years. If you’ve been to see me for a treatment, there’s a good chance you mellowed out on my table to some of his ambient work. He’s had a pretty flawless career (well, except for that Coldplay album – but a check is a check). He’s a genius. In 1975 he  developed a deck of cards called Oblique Strategies, meant to help blocked artists have creative breakthroughs. If you are feeling blocked, you draw a card out of the deck and it says something like, “Use an Old Idea,” or “What Would Your Closest Friend Do?” or “Try Faking It!” or “Add More Cowbell.” I may have made up the last one, but you get the point. It’s geared towards musicians, but it’s great for entrepreneurs as well. If I’m having a problem working through something, it’s at least good for a laugh, which relaxes me and helps me move through a problem with more ease.

You can try it out on the internets here, or throw down $2.99 for the sleek iphone app version.

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