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Former Patients and Colleagues

Grant is an absolutely delightful person to work with. When I first started acupuncture I was terrified of needles but Grant knew exactly how to alleviate my nerves. It amazes me even now how much progress I have made in acupuncture thanks to Grant. He has always been very communicative and thoughtful, to the extent of even sending me an email to check in after my appointment. Grant has helped me through a series of health issues in the last year and I could not be more thankful for his presence during those times.” – Elizabeth Bayan, Artist

“I highly recommend acupuncture for a myriad of ailments. Grant is very professional and informative during each session, empowering the patient to make smart health discussions. A true specialist.” – Keegan Wenkman, Letterpress Artist

“We have been doing NAET treatments with Grant for several months, and have seen changes almost every week in our son’s health. We’ve started when our son (a toddler) would scratch due to eczema throughout much of the day unless we used hydrocortisone, and have quite quickly progressed (in just 3-4 months) to almost no eczema and scratching. We’ve also been able to greatly expand his list of non-allergenic foods from about 15 ingredients to 60! We have also seen great changes in him developmentally. We still have a long way to go, but we can now drive to a nearby grocery store or gym with him without an adult sitting at the back of the car. This is huge progress from what it used to be! The best part – our son hopes to see Grant again and talks about him a lot, it used to be a weekly treat for our son (since Grant moved his practice to a different state). Grant is the first healthcare practitioner our son went to without crying but rather with excitement!” – Tanya Sydorenko

“I went to Grant because I broke my shoulder a couple years ago and have had really bad muscle spasms in my neck ever since. People kept encouraging me to try acupuncture, and so in spite of my nerves and skepticism, I finally made an appointment.

Grant was very approachable and put me at ease almost immediately. He was totally straight-up – no talking about Yin and Yang or Xi or any of this loo-la kind of business. At the same time, he was friendly and very knowledgeable-seeming.  He listened closely to my description of the pain and asked some questions to get a better sense of the problem and then explained his plan, and then we got started.

After my treatment, my neck felt better immediately. In fact, I had a general sense of well-being – the kind that makes you want to quit drinking and smoking and start exercising, etc. I plan to go back to Grant regularly from now on – he is genuinely skilled, kind, and attentive.”  – Amelia Bunch, Labor Organizer

“After seeing Grant for over 2 years, I am repeatedly impressed by his open mindedness, his ability to deeply listen to what’s going on with me and his attention to detail. My treatments, which range from less involved to highly intense, all feel like they get the same high level of care. I greatly appreciate his attentiveness to my needs before, during and after treatment. I would describe him as thoughtful, thorough and skilled.” – Katy Meegan, Photographer

“It was a pleasure working alongside Grant Sutton LAc. I always had confidence sending my patients to him when they needed allergy desensitization through NAET, or acupuncture for overall balance. He is an intuitive and intelligent healer.” – Dr. Krista Anderson Ross, Naturopathic Doctor

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